Bathrooms are often one of the smallest, but most-used rooms in our homes. Over the years, bathrooms have become more than just a place for function, blossoming into functional rooms that also show off our personal style and impress our guests. And when you have a guest bathroom, you want it to become a place of relaxation and beauty for anyone using it. But what does your guest bathroom need to make a good impression? Design an impressive guest bathroom by keeping these 10 things in mind and your guests may never leave.

Washbasin with towel and decoration in an impressive guest bathroom

1. Light, Bright Color Palette

Dark colors, particularly in bathrooms, have a tendency to make a room feel smaller, enclosed, and sometimes even depressing. Your guests will benefit more from a lightly-colored, bright, bathroom design instead. Bathrooms with light, neutral colors and lots of bright light look clean, refreshing, and relaxing for any guest. Try choosing lighter paint combinations in your bathroom, with splashes of color for personality.

2. All the Hygienic Necessities

When your guest uses your bathroom, they should be able to use the same types of products that you use in your bathroom every day. After all, what do we use the bathroom for? Stock your guest bathroom with plenty of the hygienic necessities any guest will need, like shampoos, soaps, bath salts, lotions, shaving cream, and more. While many overnight guests may bring their own supplies, as a host, you should always be prepared. And a prepared guest bathroom is sure to impress.

3. Great Towels, Robes, and Linens

Your guest bathroom is the ideal place to use those super-soft, super-luxurious towels and linens that you won’t use yourself. Stock your guests up with the best in towels, robes, washcloths, etc. Not only should these items always be accessible to your guest, but having top-notch linens for your guest to use can leave a lasting impression. For an even greater impression, invest in a towel warmer that will have your guests thinking they’ve stayed in a hotel.

Soap Bar And Liquid. Shampoo, Shower Gel. Towels. Spa Kit

4. Medicine Cabinet Preparation

Many people remember to stock their guest bathrooms with basic necessities like shampoo and soap, but what if your guest has a headache? There should be a cabinet or storage solution in your guest bathroom that is dedicated to personal products and medications. Guests should be able to have access to first-aid essentials, over-the-counter medications for headaches, and more. Consider loading up this “medicine cabinet” with items like razors, feminine hygiene products, bandages, and more.

5. Natural Elements

Bathrooms can be hard to make into an inviting, welcoming space. Many bathrooms do not have large sources of natural light and are designed with unnatural, durable materials. To help soften your guest bathroom and make any guest want to stay, try adding some natural elements from the outdoors into your bathroom. Just by adding some fresh flowers or plants, your guests will be impressed by your style, but also flattered at the special gesture.

6. Accessible Toilet Paper

Every bathroom needs toilet paper, and your guest bathroom is no exception. But when it comes to your guest bathroom, you want items to be accessible, yet not cluttered. Ensure your guest bathroom is completely loaded with toilet paper, in a way that is easily accessible to guests. For instance, guests may not know to look under the sink for extra toilet paper. By using a specific cabinet or basket nearby, guests can have easy access to toilet paper and the design and style of your bathroom won’t suffer for it either.

7. Storage and Organization

There is a lot of things you’ll have to put in your guest bathroom, which can make for a cluttered and dysfunctional space. For your guest bathroom, invest in space-saving cabinets, shelves for the walls, and hooks for hanging clothes and towels. Cabinets that go over the toilet or sink are great options for saving space, holding linens, and storing items that may not be needed right away. Baskets and buckets can be used on surfaces or the floor for washcloths, hygienic products, and toilet paper.

8. Pleasant Aromas

No one likes a smelly bathroom and your guests certainly won’t either. Bathrooms are one of the hardest rooms to keep smelling clean, due to the typical lack of windows and accumulated humidity. Avoid having a stinky guest bathroom by always leaving the door open when it isn’t being used. Also, consider investing in quality air-fresheners, candles, incense, and sprays. As an added tip, it’s always best to stick to light and neutral scents in a guest bathroom. These scents will be enjoyable to all types of guests and also ensure that the aroma isn’t too overpowering.

9. Books, Magazines, and Entertainment

Hopefully, your guest won’t spend the whole day in the bathroom. But the idea is to create a guest bathroom experience that makes them want to. Whether they are taking a relaxing bath or having a bit of indigestion, you should provide some small sources of entertainment for them. Try adding a few magazines or interesting books to your bathroom space. Invest in neutral, but interesting decor, as well as focal points on the wall for creating interest. To impress your guests on a grander level, provide them the opportunity to listen to music while in the bathroom. Music is a relaxing and surprisingly-great treat for any bathroom.

10. Don’t Forget the Trash

Garbage may not be the cutest topic of conversation, but every bathroom needs a trash can or wastebasket. It is often one of the most forgotten decorative elements in the bathroom, but it can draw a lot of attention. Invest in a durable wastebasket in your guest bathroom with a lid or top. Not only does this hide trash that you don’t want your guests seeing, but it can also help contain possible smells from the garbage. Try to match a fashionable wastebasket with the rest of your bathroom decor and it only pulls the room together further.


Your guest’s bathroom experience doesn’t have to be drab and boring. With a little effort, your guest bathroom can become a place of beauty, relaxation, and even fun. Create an impressive and functional bathroom for any guest by using consideration, a keen eye, and these 10 things.



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