The bathroom is one of the most understated rooms in the home, but also one of the most frequented. It is the ideal place to show off the style and design of your personality and home, but it can be hard to accomplish when your bathroom is lacking great square footage. To help you minimize the effects of your small bathroom, maximize your space, and fool everyone into believing it’s much larger than it is, follow these 8 tips you see below.

1. Swap Out Traditional Doors

It may be surprising to learn how much space your traditional door really takes up. And when you have a small bathroom, those traditional, swinging doors can take up more than half of the space in the room. To help broaden and liven up your bathroom space, try replacing your bathroom door and/or shower door with sliding, pocket doors or bifold doors (which fold up like a screen). Sliding barn doors are also a popular option which adds a grand, decorative element to your space.

Stylish and modern mediterranean interior - bathroom color.

2. Choose Light, Bright Colors

One of the easiest ways to make a small, drab bathroom look and feel bigger is simple color design. Dark colors may make rooms feel closed-off and small, but choosing lighter and brighter colors can maximize the natural light in your bathroom and create the visual illusion of a larger space. It’s ok to choose some bold or darker colors for accents, backsplashes, etc., but try to stay with an overall-bright theme.

Try painting your walls and ceiling the same, light color, which helps bring a bathroom together and make it feel double its size. Windows, doors, and small pieces of furniture should be framed in light paint colors. Use this tip for flooring as well. And if you choose a darker, natural-toned floor such as wood or stone, offset the dark palette with a white and light palette everywhere else in the room.

3. Try For a Smaller Sink and Vanity

The sink and vanity can become a huge problem in a small bathroom, taking up most of the space. By simply replacing your vanity or sink for a smaller version, you can take up less space in the room with large pieces of furniture and create the illusion that your bathroom is bigger. Unless you truly need a bulky vanity for storage, try replacing your sink with a smaller, less obtrusive option. Floating vanities and pedestal sinks are ideal options for taking up less space in smaller bathrooms.

4. Add Ceiling Elements

Creating height in a small bathroom is another way to create the illusion of a bigger space. Try raising window or shower curtains all the way to the ceiling to draw the eyes upwards. Adding vertical stripes on the walls or wood moldings and tiles where the ceiling and walls meet can help lead the eye upward and give the illusion of a taller ceiling.

Wooden floor in little inspiring loft design bathroom

5. Get Rid of Clutter and Stay Organized

Clutter and lack of organization are one of the biggest reasons for a bathroom appearing smaller than it actually is. An easy way to make your bathroom seem larger is to eliminate clutter and storage issues. This means investing in some clever organization, storing away everything you need and getting rid of everything you don’t. Instead of big, bulky vanities or cabinets, try alternative storage options like a nearby linen closet or small shelves off the ground. As a point of reference, try to keep all storage and organizational options as flush with your bathroom walls as possible. This helps keep the small space open and light.

6. Add Some Mirrors

Mirrors are designed to reflect light. And for this reason, they are an ideal option for creating the illusion of a larger space in your bathroom. Try replacing your current bathroom mirror with a larger, wider option, or add in more mirrors as design elements around the room. Mirrors work by stretching the space around them and reproducing that space in its reflection. Not only does this help create a brighter bathroom, but helps to visually expand the walls and make your bathroom appear bigger.

7. Opt For Glass Instead of Fabric

For the shower, many people prefer fabric curtains for ease of cleaning or ease of access. But big, bulky, shower curtains have a way of drawing attention from the space of the room and taking up a lot of space. Those fabric curtains create a virtual wall, blocking the bathroom’s square footage from being seen and felt when you enter the room. Instead of using fabric, consider using glass panel doors for your shower or tub. Not only do these panels appear more unobtrusively in the room, but they work in the same manner as mirrors, brightening and providing reflective light in a small space.

8. Use Lights to Add Brightness

Many bathrooms don’t have a lot of natural light. This can be especially true in small bathrooms. Bathrooms with little light and square footage will seem smaller and darker than bathrooms with plenty of windows and light. And since it’s not always easy to simply add a new window to a room, you can try using quality lights in your bathroom to add more light and space. Lighting in a bathroom should be bright and as close to natural light as possible. Even small bathrooms should have multiple sources of bright light, so consider adding beautiful lighting elements to the ceiling, walls, shower, vanity, mirror, and more. The more bright light you use, the more bright and open your bathroom will feel.


Your small bathroom doesn’t have to feel so small with all the right elements of design and style. By doing a little work and making a few changes, you can maximize the square footage in your bathroom and make a great impression on anyone who enters. Bathrooms may be one of the smallest rooms in the home, but with the right design and a little elbow grease, it can look and feel like one of the largest and most beautiful.



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